Best Time To Travel To Italy

September 13, 2023

When is the best time to travel to Italy?

I absolutely love visiting Italy and I always try to do so when it is least crowded. However, Italy is made up of 20 regions – each of which has its own character, traditions and reasons to visit. This means that there is always a good reason to visit Italy year-round.

Slow season (late spring or early fall) is my favorite time to discover Italy – when you can truly enjoy Italy at its best. That is the time of year when there are fewer visitors, the pace in general is slower, and the locals are out and about in the piazzas, bars and restaurants truly enjoying La Dolce Vita. It is when you can discover authentic Italy, surrounded by Italians going about their daily life. People have more time to dedicate to you and this truly enhances your vacation experience. 

Since there are so many regions to visit, there are a few I’d like to point out that offer unique experiences no matter what time of year. I pride myself on crafting a personalized journey for each individual traveler and invite you to get in touch with me to find out which of these unique experiences speak to you. The following are sample experiences for a taste of what I can do for you….

Private Cooking Masterclass in Capri

Join a local chef in his traditional garden island villa to discover the secret to traditional caprese cuisine…

This experience takes you to a traditional lush garden villa in Anacapri in the heart of Capri for a hands-on cooking lesson relying on fresh local produce and secret family recipes. Your chef and host will offer a choice of dishes, including insalata caprese, ravioli capresi, the savory pie known as pizza monacone and desserts like torta caprese, delizia al limone, limoncello tiramisu and limoncello. The highlight of the experience is sitting down at the family table to taste the food you prepared!

Exclusive Vatican Visit with the Key Holder

Early in the morning, make your way to the Vatican museums and enjoy a very exclusive experience…open the Vatican doors with the key holder!

On this day you will have the opportunity to open the doors of the Vatican Museums, alongside the Key Holder, who is responsible for the opening of the 300 doors: you will enjoy the opening Pius-Clementine museum, Upper galleries (Candelabra, Tapestries, Geographical maps) as well as Raphael rooms and the passage through Immaculate Conception and the Sobieski room. You will have the great hoor to open and switch on the lights of the Sistine Chapel. Following breakfast continue visiting the Vatican Museums.

Helicopter Tour Over the Central Alps

See the Central Alps like never before – on a private helicopter tour…

Go up,up and away in a twin-engine helicopter to experience the Central Alps from above. The ancient glaciers, remote alpine lakes and the 13,000 foot Piz Bernina peak are just some of the highlights of the flightseeing tour. Safety is the highest priority for the pilots and their entertaining and educational commentary brings this unique alpine landscape to life. 

So there you have it….three different regions, three different experiences. I invite you to connect with me so we can work together to craft the perfect adventure for you. Nothing is impossible- so go ahead and start dreaming. The world is your oyster and Italy awaits…





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